Renee works toward wellness with support from Benevera Health’s Kelly DeMoura.

A proactive approach to better, more efficient care

She’s a single mother and grandmother in her mid-forties. And she’s been struggling to manage type 2 diabetes for more than 20 years, despite significant personal and economic challenges.

From an unhealthy track . . .
Throughout the years, Renee has been seen by multiple doctors who prescribed varying and sometimes conflicting medications and treatment plans. Instead of finding improved health, she found herself struggling with the effects of uncontrolled diabetes, including serious digestive and neurological issues. In the first six months of 2016, Renee visited the emergency room or urgent care center 10 times and was admitted to the hospital six of those times.

. . . to a proactive game plan
Enter Kelly DeMoura from Benevera Health. Kelly was assigned to Renee’s care team, along with a nurse care coordinator. As a population health clinical pharmacist, Kelly determined that much of Renee’s health issues were related to her medication regimen. Because Renee had no organized system for medication administration or adherence, she was not taking her medications consistently or appropriately. Kelly quickly identified medication discrepancies—like duplicate or unnecessary prescriptions—which she resolved by speaking with Renee’s doctors. Working together, Kelly and Renee developed a medication plan that helped Renee understand and manage her medications.

With Kelly’s support, education and empowerment, Renee has become an active member of her own care team. Kelly is pleased to report that Renee hasn’t been hospitalized for a diabetes-related incident since June 2016. In addition, Renee’s medical expenses have decreased due to a more effective and organized medication plan. Overall, a better, more cost-effective outcome.